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Assistance to Victims of Crime


SPEAKOUT was founded in 1996 by Pastor Kelly Akinjole who lived in the South-east Raleigh community for over a decade. In his office as pastor he was able to observe at close range the needs of the community.

In trying to take on these existing challenges, he approached several skilled professionals who could render service in their relevant fields, to aptly address these problems.

Mission + Vision


The organization also partners with other service providers who work within the community.



Provide subsidized child care for low-income families, which includes a 24 hour child care center, afterschool, and drop-in center.

Establish a vocational training center and apprentice scheme.  This would provide access to jobs especially for those who do not qualify for tertiary education and training. 

Provide a medium for public health education and advocacy work, life and job skills training.  Promote good work ethics, self help, and income generating schemes within the community. 

      Our Overseas Partner:

        Queen Eli'beth Outreach Nigeria

 54 Idewu Street Olodi Apapa
Lagos, Nigeria
West Africa

Speakout Ministries

SPEAKOUT consists mostly of volunteers, each with a passion to help unlock the economic potential of residents in the Southeast Raleigh area. We are a hands

on organization with a mission to mend broken lives and generate hope in those who have lost it.